Bathroom Stories

Interested in the latest bathroom trends? Inspiring looks, different colors, textures and materials, as well as the latest updates and the great innovations GROHE has to offer themarket? Find all the details you need in our Product Perspectives and listen to customer experiences and stories

GROHE Euphoria 

If you want to enjoy a relaxing shower tailored to your individual needs, a shower system is the ideal choice.

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GROHE Flush Plates

It’s your choice: No matter what finish you love or what color you have chosen for your bathroom design - GROHE flush plates make the design statement that you prefer.

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Rapid SLX

You do not have to be an early adopter of trends to understand that the installation system GROHE Rapid SLX will be a perfect fit for your home.

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The new Allure is designed to create a new way of experiencing water with all senses and transforms the bathroom into an oasis of well-being.

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Icon 3D

Embracing the innovative technology of 3D metal-printing, GROHE’s designers and engineers are pushing the boundaries of how a faucet can be made.

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