GROHE Tempesta 250

Enjoy a shower like a warm summer rain

Gentle, delicate droplets of water caress your skin. Your whole body is covered with warm water from above. It feels like you are in the middle of a warm summer rain or like a shallow robe is covering your skin very softly.

With the GROHE Tempesta 250 head shower you can enjoy this soothing feeling every single day in your own shower at home – both, in summer and in winter. The head shower’s generous 250 mm diameter provides lots of space to spread out. Its refreshing Rain Spray pattern promises full relaxation and revitalization.

Enjoy pure delight, confident that your luxurious shower at the same time is eco-friendly, thanks to its water-saving EcoJoy function. This technology limits the flow of water to a sustainable 9.5 liters per minute without compromising on performance. Pure water enjoyment while doing your bit for the planet!

GROHE Tempesta 250 is available in a round and a square design as a single head shower, in a set with shower arm, or as a complete shower system. Its minimalist design allows it to be integrated into any modern bathroom, and its universal connection makes it easy to install on all standard shower arms – a simple upgrade for a relaxing, sustainable shower enjoyment.

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