Tailormade solutions for students’ accommodation needs

Customization at its best

Enrolling in college means starting an exciting new life chapter: meeting new people, being independent, investing in the future are all part of a journey of self-discovery. 

Creating and customizing the student apartment is at the core of the student experience. Students want a space to showcase their personality and signal their new-found independence. Community and infrastructure are essential aspects of the freedom-function equation. Students want a space to study, to socialize and to decompress. 

Invest in the future, live in the present. Gen Z is responsible, environmentally conscious and keen to support ethical business brands. Cost is always a major consideration, but core values are key to staying connected to their essential modern life experience: fast internet connection, private bathroom, security, gym are essentials in student houses. Living prudently and without deficiency is the motto. 

Lack of affordable student houses is an issue 

Student houses are mostly chosen by younger students and foreign exchange students. The increase of international student exchange programs is one of the key drivers for the need for student accommodation. 

Due to the lack of affordable student apartments, students are forced into privately rented apartments that are not tailored to their needs and cost them most of their monthly budget. Unfortunately, less than half of the students are satisfied with the standard of their accommodation. 

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) is one of the fastest growing investment sectors in construction industry: relatively low investment costs alongside stable ROI (4,5-7%). In Europe, only 5 to 15% of the demand for PBSA is met. 

Why prefab is a great solution for the lack of student accommodation? 

Prefab manufacturers are highly interested in building affordable student accommodations. 

Prefabrication ensures 70% faster construction of the student pod modules in a controlled environment. This also mitigates weather influence up to 90% and provides a safer working environment. Producing within a factory is also environment friendly and leads to less waste, better recycling, less noise and air pollution and lower energy consumption. Manufacturing quality can also be enhanced through factory testing and quality control. 

Cost saving, in terms of construction time and materials, enables the designers and architects to innovate purpose-built student accommodation. 

GROHE offers students tailormade products and student pod designs 

GROHE recognises the potential of the PBSA and PREFAB industry. To help our clients on the market for affordable student accommodation, we offer multiple tailormade product and accessories bundles and room designs: 

The over head shower ensures a relaxing showering time
The fully tiled floor makes your bathroom look spacious

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