GROHE X Podcast – Together For Sustainability

Episode #1: Marcella Hansch and Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck on oceanography and the science of climate change

We humans have a complex relationship with the oceans. They are a source of energy and food, the object of wonder and even spiritual contemplation, but we can disregard and even abuse them. In the first episode in our Together For Sustainability podcast series, climate activist Marcella Hansch, CEO everwave foundation, talks to Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck of Kiel University about his area of expertise, which is oceans and water.

Martin is head of the GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research at Kiel and sits on the UN’s Committee for the Ocean Decade, so he shares a passion for the care of our seas with everwave and with us at GROHE. His own work intersects with the science on climate change, but he is very clear that when he talks about his work it is in a spirit of motivating people to make positive change. This fits well with the spirit of the podcast series, which is not about presenting doomsday scenarios. Martin’s goal is to spread knowledge and appreciation of the oceans, so that people will want to protect what they have come to know and love. 

Martin’s search for solutions has led him to collaborate with all manner of actors: for example on the UN idea of Blue Schools, where accreditation is given for introducing children to the wonder of the oceans; the world of finance, where investors have been educated to see the opportunities and not just the risk in the “blue-green” economy; and with big tech on the digital twinning of the oceans to allow the safe, affordable gaming of solutions. His conversation with Marcella brings two passionate, knowledgeable people together in a lively survey of the current predicament but, more importantly, the vital work that will make a difference.     

About the podcast

The podcast series Together For Sustainability will focus on collaborations that offer positive impacts on the problems of climate change and the exploitation of our planet. Showing that the solution lies in collective effort the range of expert guests will focus on subjects such as water, resources, circular economy, and sustainable building.


GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability
GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability

Marcella Hansch

CEO, everwave foundation

An architect by training, Marcella has been dedicated to healthy oceans and rivers for years. While her foundation put emphasis on the environmental education, the social business everwave wants to clean rivers and protect the sea from plastic through clean-up technologies. GROHE supports everwave since 2019.


GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability
GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability

Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck

GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and Kiel University, Germany

Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck is a physical oceanographer and heads the Research Group Physical Oceanography at GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research at Kiel University, Germany, and is on the UN’ Committee for the Ocean Decade, an initiative that seeks to promote the science we need for the ocean we want.  

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