GROHE CoolTouch technology

More safety in the shower

While a warm and nice shower is a pleasant experience, touching the thermostat’s hot surface is not. Accidentally burning yourself in the shower becomes a thing of the past thanks to GROHE CoolTouch technology. No matter how warm you like to shower – the surface does not become scalding hot while showering.

How does that work? An innovative cooling channel is included in the thermostat, which creates a barrier between the hot water and the external chrome surface. This technology ensures that the entire outer surface never exceeds your preferred shower temperature. The thermostat is therefore never too hot to handle. Especially young children cannot always judge whether something they touch is dangerously hot.

GROHE’s CoolTouch technology prevents unpleasant scalding and provides more safety for the whole family.

GROHE CoolTouch technology is integrated in Grohtherm 1000, Grohtherm 1000 Performance as well as Euphoria 310 & 260 shower systems.

Grohtherm 2000, Grohtherm SmartControl thermostats as well as Euphoria and Rainshower SmartControl shower systems and Rainshower shower systems offer all-round protection, as even the wall couplings are shrouded in a clever protective housing – 100% GROHE CoolTouch.

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