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SmartControl Dual Spray makes a kitchen work

GROHE’s innovative faucet is the ideal home hub

In the latest episode of our GROHE Design Stories, we see how a GROHE kitchen faucet enhances modern living. Once the exclusive domain of the cook of the household, where interruptions may not have been all that welcome, the kitchen has become the ultimate “we space”, a zone of improvised interaction and togetherness. In an age of personal mobile devices, kitchen time is time for family or housemate groups to gather, prepare and enjoy meals together, and relax and socialise afterwards while sharing the clear-up. This social shift has made the kitchen the true hub of the modern home.

And the hub of the action in the kitchen is the area around the sink. Prepping, filling pots, washing up… It all happens at this focal sweet spot. Which means the kitchen faucet has to be a visual star – the room now orbits around it, after all – as well as the ultimate kitchen helper. Into this space GROHE introduces its SmartControl Dual Spray kitchen faucet, with its sculpted good looks and effortless practicality. Its hands-free operation makes it perfect for busy home cooks who often have their hands otherwise engaged. And it makes sharing the space, and the chores, a source of pleasure. The professional level performance also means more time for the fun parts of gathering in the kitchen: catching up, collaborating on projects, cooking up something special together.

In our short film, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA Patrick Speck introduces a design hero that has been imagined in every detail to enhance the kitchen space. The SmartControl Dual Spray kitchen faucet can be the functional hub of the home, as well as its beating heart. We hope you enjoy Patrick’s take on this versatile meeting of tradition and innovation.       

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