GROHE Euphoria shower systems

Modernized design and maximum safety

Discover the GROHE Euphoria shower systems

If you want to enjoy a relaxing shower tailored to your individual needs, a shower system is the ideal choice. GROHE Euphoria shower systems combine a reliable thermostat that controls the water flow and temperature perfectly, a practical hand shower, and a spa-like head shower, allowing you to enjoy your shower moment to the fullest

The GROHE Euphoria 260 shower system, for example, offers three different spray types and a ProGrip handle for a comfortable adjustment of the water flow. The GROHE Euphoria 310 shower system impresses with its generous head shower for full body coverage. Its metal grip handle ensures a comfortable use of the thermostat. With their generous head showers both shower systems not only offer maximum comfort but

also instantly add a stylish flair to any modern bathroom. The updated Euphoria shower systems now feature a fresh look and, at the same time, offer superior safety for the whole family.

GROHE CoolTouch technology has been integrated into the new GROHE Euphoria 260 and 310 shower systems. This safety feature ensures that the thermostat’s body never gets too hot to touch, reducing the risk of scalding. Additionally, the new slimmer, more spacious design offers more options to adapt to your personal style. Thanks to FastFixation technology, both shower systems can be adapted to existing drilling holes which makes installation very simple. GROHE Euphoria is the easy way to put the joy back into your bathroom.

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