GROHE Kitchen Sinks

Welcome to the most comfortable working space

The kitchen is truly one of the busiest places in our homes, and sometimes we have to do two or three things at once: sear the meat for dinner, wash herbs, and quickly fill the next pot with water for pasta – it is all about multitasking. To help us stay in control, we need an organized working space that meets our needs. GROHE offers you everything you are looking for to build a comfortable yet functional working space, including sink, accessories, and waste systems.

Convenience meets style and performance

How much time do you spend at your kitchen sink? Probably quite a lot. So why not choose a sink that makes things easier and even exceeds your needs in terms of quality, design, and features? GROHE sinks have been designed to fit any type of kitchen scheme with a range of innovative, modern designs. Thanks to features like the GROHE Fast Fixation system and reversible designs, your new GROHE sink can be installed in minutes, without any hassle. We are also confident that you will love the special features, such as an automatic waste set with push-open plug, which ensures that you will never have to plunge your hand into dirty water again. Thanks to GROHE Whisper technology, you can even be sure that this will be your quietest sink ever.

Stainless, PVD, or composite sinks –
fully customized to your needs

Whatever the design of your kitchen – you will find a GROHE sink that complements it beautifully. The range includes standard built-in models, flush-mounted, under-mounted, and flat-edge models with eight different designs, ranging from timeless to crisply minimal. Within the GROHE K-series, you can choose from eight beautifully designed and durable sinks including 1, 1.5, and 2 bowl options.

You also have the choice of two different stainless steel grades, depending on your needs. So whether you are fitting a compact kitchen or looking for a centerpiece sink for your kitchen island, GROHE has a model that is just right for you, at a price to match.

GROHE also offers a selection of undermounted PVD sinks which are available in stainless steel as well as in ‘Brushed Cool Sunrise’, ‘Brushed Hard Graphite’, and ‘Brushed Warm Sunset’ for a premium kitchen look. In addition to its attractive design, the innovative manufacturing process of the GROHE Colors Collection impresses with its particularly durable surfaces. The technology originally stems from space engineering and has set a new standard in surface quality: A surface that is three times harder than chrome and ten times more resistant to scratches not only ensures a brilliant color spectrum, but also allows sinks and faucets to withstand the toughest demands of everyday kitchen use. Moreover, PVD sinks make daily tasks more pleasant: All PVD sinks feature spacious bowls of 20cm depth – meaning you have lots of room to maneuver and enough space for cleaning large pots with ease.

The GROHE portfolio of composite sinks covers every size, configuration, and price point so you are sure to find your perfect fit. The range includes round and square models in two different colors – Granite Black and Granite Grey. Select from 1, 1.5, and 2 bowl models with or without a drainer, with dimensions fitting any kitchen You can also choose between a neat top-mounted model or a sleek, minimalist under-mounted version, which sits under the worktop.

Sink and faucet in perfect harmony

All GROHE sinks have been designed to be a perfect fit – for the faucet, the overall kitchen design, and for your lifestyle. GROHE sinks and kitchen faucets match in design and function. To make your choice easier, GROHE offers pre-packed bundles that combine matching faucets and sinks. Creating a harmonious kitchen area has never been easier!

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