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GROHE Blue Fizz adds sparkle to tap water

Newest GROHE water-enhancer makes sustainable hydration simple

In the first of our LIXIL Group Design Stories we look at how a typically sleek example of GROHE design catches the zeitgeist perfectly. Convenience is a key factor in kitchen purchases, but the kitchen experience is also influenced by the consumer’s wish to live more consciously and intentionally. When it comes to hydration, bottled mineral water may suit our tastes, but it is resource-heavy to produce and can create an unsustainable burden of single-use plastic bottles. If only tap water could be made more tempting…

GROHE’s portfolio of water-enhancing systems lets you get pure, delicious refreshment straight from the tap whatever the quality of your local source water. The newest addition to the range is the GROHE Blue Fizz water carbonator. Like any successful piece of design, it responds to an identifiable need, in this case to make hydration easier and more sustainable. But it has a lot of added appeal. It’s functional but it’s also attractive and tactile – making it an eye-catcher in every kitchen. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any effort to access its benefits – no matter whether you choose the basic or advanced version. The advanced version comes with an integrated display: once charged, the water carbonator can be placed anywhere. GROHE’s heritage is in creating objects that when we do notice them it is always with pleasure. GROHE Blue Fizz carries on these design values.

In our short film, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA Patrick Speck introduces this convenient solution and the thinking behind it. His enthusiasm for design that really nails a consumer need is obvious and infectious. GROHE Blue Fizz comes straight from the heart of the GROHE philosophy which is to provide pure joy of water. We hope you enjoy Patrick’s Blue Fizz story…  

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