The future of sustainable showering

A new solution for a water-stressed world

Many of us take for granted that the water we need is there and always will be. But as the shortages and droughts that have hit Europe this summer show, we can’t keep thinking this way. 

We need to change how we use water – and we need to start today.

Our resources are being stretched by the booming world population, and alongside the impacts of the climate crisis this is making drought and water scarcity into everyday challenges for more and more communities across the globe. In fact, almost one in three Europeans are affected by water stress in an average year.*  And 11 out of the 17 most water-stressed countries are in the Middle East and North Africa.** 

In order to preserve this precious resource, water conservation and water enjoyment need to be kept in balance

So what can be done to help safeguard the planet’s water? A key part of the solution is making homes – and particularly bathrooms, which account for over two-thirds of daily household water use***  – more efficient. Here, architects, developers and builders can help by installing products designed either to use less water or rethink how we use water.

But innovative new designs are needed to get the world where it needs to be. Today, LIXIL is building on decades of work developing more sustainable products with concepts including a water-recycling shower for its GROHE brand that encourages people to reuse water. 

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The GROHE concept of a water-recycling shower

GROHE’s circulating solution cleans, reheats and reuses water, consuming only a quarter of the water and a third of the energy of a typical traditional shower. The result is a cost saving of up to 65% a year for a four-person household and up to 70% less CO2 emissions. 

This new technology has been designed to create the shower experience people expect using as little fresh water as possible, providing an opportunity to enjoy guilt-free long showers. 

We describe this concept in more detail in our white paper “The Future of Sustainable Showering”.

We’re calling on the building industry, businesses and consumers to join us in helping bring about change in the way we shower.  

Let us know your thoughts!

Recycling Shower
Recycling Shower

David Mainka

Leader Electronics and Innovation R&D Fittings, LIXIL International