GROHE Sensia Arena

A new kind of cleanliness for your most private needs

Personalized skin care and cleansing routines are an essential part of our well-being. As people more and more turn to traditional Asian skin care techniques, it seems only logical to extend this trend to the most intimate type of skin care: the use of a fully equipped shower toilet. Using fresh water for personal hygiene after using the bathroom has long been established as a standard in countries like Japan or South Korea. Water is the most natural cleaning agent there is: It is kind to the skin yet highly effective and hygienic – and more sustainable than toilet paper. Advanced bathroom solutions now combine the knowledge of traditional Japanese bathing rituals with German engineering and design.

GROHE Sensia Arena is a state-of-the-art shower toilet providing gentle, natural cleansing by using just water. It harnesses the natural ability of water to refresh and cleanse your skin in even the most intimate areas, leaving you completely clean and confident, without the harshness of paper or chemicals.

Sensitively smart: Personalized cleaning routine

GROHE Sensia Arena offers a fully individualized experience with app connectivity for seamless integration in every (smart) home. Settings can be tailored to individual preferences and can be controlled remotely and fully automatically. For the most comfortable cleaning experience and perfect skin care, users can adjust the water temperature and spray pressure. Moreover, Sensia Arena offers unlimited warm water supply for comfortable cleaning and a fully adjustable shower arm to fit every user’s personal physique and  cleaning needs. The innovative GROHE SkinClean technology enables the spray arms to adjust to every user’s needs individually. The lady shower is a good example: it allows female users to achieve perfect cleaning results with a shower arm tailor-made for the female intimate area. Aside from effective cleaning, Sensia Arena also offers comfortable practical handling with minimum effort: It comes with automatic odor absorption and the shower arms self-clean automatically before and after every use.

A safe solution for ultimate hygiene

Equipped with GROHE HygieneClean technology, Sensia Arena meets the latest hygiene standards which have increased significantly around the globe given the latest developments. The very durable AquaCeramic material SensiaArena is made of is topped with an extra germ-resistant HyperClean coating and blocks lime scale, keeping the toilet visibly clean.

In addition, the PlasmaCluster 1 technology releases positive and negative ions inside the toilet bowl. They spread through the air in and around the toilet and inactivate bacteria for a purified toilet. The antibacterial effect is further complemented by the high-power Triple Vortex flush technology. When the shower arms are not in use, they are safely – and invisibly - stored away behind a detachable cover with an antibacterial effect that prevents 99.9 percent of bacteria growth.

Timeless design for every home and style

When no compromises are made regarding skin care, comfort, and hygiene, style should be no exception. Like all GROHE products, Sensia Arena offers a timeless, minimalist design with thoughtful features to improve daily life. A night light makes nightly trips to the bathroom easy and safe for both younger and older household members, while the soft close seat helps avoid unnecessary noise when the rest of the house is sound asleep. The optional automatic flush function is yet another feature that makes Sensia Arena a perfect choice for families with small children, offering perfect care and comfort for every stage of life, all the time.

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