GROHE Blue Pure & Filters

Replenish your water balance

Water is a vital resource. While drinking water is a matter of taste in many regions of the world, there are many countries where the quality of water drawn directly from the tap is too poor to be used as drinking water. As a result, bottled water often replaces tap water when it comes to preparing coffee or tea or grabbing a quick glass of water to quench your thirst. GROHE’s filtration technology transforms the faucet into a source of pure water.

GROHE Blue Pure is the solution for people who prefer the natural taste of still water. The unique GROHE Blue filter technology transforms ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing many of the substances that can impair taste – e.g., chlorine, biocides, pesticides, lime scale, or heavy metals. Separate internal water ways keep filtered and unfiltered water separate at all times. And there is another plus: The days of lugging around heavy bottles of water are finally over.

With GROHE Blue Pure, you need zero bottles. This is not only refreshingly easy and convenient, but also helps the environment.

It takes an astonishing 7 liters of water just to produce a single liter of plastic bottled water, not to mention the energy used and the CO 2 emissions created. With GROHE Blue, you can have pure water enjoyment without compromising your green ideals.

The GROHE Blue Pure filter fits easily under your sink, and the faucet still offers all the usual functions of a standard kitchen faucet. Faucets are available in different designs and shapes – e.g., GROHE Blue Pure Minta, GROHE Blue Pure Eurosmart, and GROHE Blue Pure BauCurve – and perfectly match your kitchen, which they transform into a beautiful meeting place for thirsty friends and family.

Choose specialized filter systems for a perfect taste

In addition to standard filters for the GROHE Blue water systems, GROHE offers specialized filtration models – for instance the activated Carbon filter, the Magnesium + Zinc filter and the UltraSafe filter – to maximize the taste of your tap water. This way, you can easily choose the filter model that best suits your drinking preferences and local conditions, depending on the area you live in. All our filters are compatible with GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional, and GROHE Blue Pure.

GROHE Blue Activated Carbon filter:
Purity and taste for regions with soft water

Refreshing and great-tasting water guaranteed: That is the beauty of GROHE Blue and the GROHE Blue activated carbon filter, which is designed for areas where water hardness is below 9° dKH. The smart three-phase filter with a capacity of up to 3,000 liters (or max. 12 months) removes all unwanted substances and impurities. First, coarse particles such as dirt are filtered out. The activated carbon filtration refines the water taste by filtering out bad-tasting substances. Finally, fine filtration captures even the smallest particles.

GROHE Blue Magnesium + Zinc filter:
Purity, taste, and extra minerals

Transform your tap water into delicious table water with GROHE Blue and the GROHE Blue Magnesium + Zinc filter. The filter system works in 5 stages: first, the pre-filtration removes rough particles like sand and dirt. Then the activated-carbon pre-filtration removes natural contamination (e.g. from domestic water supply). Next the ion exchanger reduces substances such as limescale and heavy metals and adds up to 35mg/l magnesium and up to 3mg/l zinc. After that the activated filtration reduces substances responsible for unpleasant taste and odor (e.g. chlorine). And finally the fine filtration reduces fine particles. The result is perfectly filtered, pure water straight from the tap. The filter has a capacity up to 400 liters (or max. 12 months).

GROHE Blue UltraSafe filter:
For regions with tap water contaminated with bacteria

For areas where poor water quality caused by bacterial contamination is a problem, GROHE now offers the UltraSafe filter which removes microplastic > 1μm and 99,99% of bacteria. But there is more: The activated carbon filtration enhances the taste of your tap water as it reduces substances responsible for taste and odor (e.g., chlorine) and it removes natural contamination (e.g. from the internal domestic water supply). The filter has a capacity of 3,000 liters (or max. 6 months).

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