GROHE survey reveals showering habits

How do you take your shower?

Taking a shower is a daily routine which people usually do not think about too much. When the alarm clock rings and you get out of bed, the morning shower needs to ensure that you wake up and start the day right. Some people, in contrast, prefer a long, relaxing shower after a tiring day – a pure moment of well-being in the evening, all by themselves. At this point, first differences become apparent: When do you rather take a shower - in the morning or in the evening? Why do you actually shower? Do you just shower, or do you do anything else at the same time? To get to the bottom of the variety of showering habits, GROHE in 2020 conducted an International Showering Study among consumers in seven countries in Europe and the Middle East. (1)

Different countries, different customs: Especially comparisons between countries unearth some clear differences. Whereas respondents from most countries agree that the bathroom is a retreat and a space of relaxation, the Danish, for example, take a more practical approach to showering: only 23% view the bathroom as a space for “me-time”. Russians and Egyptians love showers and focus on well-being. According to survey results, respondents from both countries indulge in long, relaxing showers (2) and enjoy further treatments like body scrubs (3). But not only relaxing is deemed important: For a maximum energy boost, 42% of Russians rinse off with cold water at the end of the shower to revitalize their senses.

In both Russia and Egypt, bathroom equipment offers a multisensory experience (lights, music, side jets) so that creativity can flow perfectly while recovering during a long shower (4) .The French clearly are leaders when it comes to shower frequency and water saving: During the summer, 86% shower daily or several times a day, 69% do so in winter. Whereas most countries show a balanced split between those who shower in the morning and those who shower in the evening, 80% of Russians preferably shower in the evening. But what else do people do while taking a shower? Egyptians are rather practical-minded: 41% regularly clean car parts while showering. The British like to celebrate their personal stage moment as every second British respondent sings in the shower. Love is in the air in Denmark: one in two Danish people regularly have sex while showering.

Would you have guessed that taking a shower can be so different depending on the country and the individual? There are individual shower solutions for all of these different showering habits. To celebrate these purely individual shower moments, GROHE has developed a selection of all-round product packages – suitable for different needs and every budget: GROHE thermostats with concealed or exposed installation like Grohtherm 1000 Performance, GROHE shower systems like GROHE Euphoria Shower System 260 and 310, or GROHE SmartControl shower systems.

(1) GROHE, Showering Survey, June 2020; Germany, UK, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Egypt; total of 3,500 respondents.
(2) 56% of Russians and 58% of Egyptians enjoy long showers.
(3) 44% of Egyptians and 30% of Russians often use peelings or massage brushes while showering. 59% of Egyptians and 45% of Russians engage in further body care such as shaving or brushing teeth while showering.
(4) 34% of Russian showers are equipped with special lighting. 13% of Egyptian showers allow users to listen to music and 16% are equipped with side jets.

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