GROHE Manual Bidet Seat

An affordable upgrade for every bathroom

Have you ever experienced the luxurious feeling of using a shower toilet? It is quite a different experience from using a regular toilet, at least as far as the cleansing process goes. Until recently, shower toilets have mainly been available only in hotels or office buildings. With inspiration for interior design flowing in from social media and home improvement TV shows, expectations regarding a perfect bathroom are steadily increasing.

But, naturally, not everyone is a home owner or about to redo their home’s entire sanitary concept. The good news: The feeling of perfect hygiene and convenience that comes from a refreshing, paperless cleansing is now no longer just an option for newly built homes or fancy hotels.

The GROHE manual bidet seat creates a hygienic and convenient personal cleansing zone with a relaxing, tailored experience that can be controlled and adjusted individually. The spray strength of the two separate spray heads can be adjusted for every user’s individual comfort. Further hygiene is guaranteed thanks to the self-cleaning function of the spray arms. Attachable to the ceramics of the WC, the seat does not require electricity.

Instead, the spray is operated by a side lever powered only by water pressure, thereby putting control at your fingertips for an effective but gentle cleansing experience. Two separate spray types are designed to custom-clean male or female (lady shower arm) users. Made from hardwearing Duroplast, GROHE’s manual bidet seat is an aesthetically pleasing addition for any bathroom.

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