GROHE X Podcast – Together For Sustainability

Episode #4: Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen and Marcella Hansch on the topic of how a company's sustainable mission acts like a magnet for young professionals

Time and again the question is asked on what young graduates base their decision for a company. Is it a sustainable mission that acts like a magnet for young professionals? Or is there possibly a connection between character traits and job search preferences?  

In our 4th podcast episode of Together For Sustainability, we explore questions like these. Our guest, Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen of the University of Bonn and Maastricht University, talks to podcast host Marcella Hansch, CEO of the everwave foundation, about his recently published study on how a company´s sustainable mission influences the pool of applicants.  

Learn whether, for example, women place more value on social and sustainable issues than men and why the architecture of the office and workplace is also extremely important.  

The research, which was conducted with around 1,500 master's students from the Netherlands, shows how companies could recruit young professionals more easily and why people with an altruistic and prosocial personality are particularly attracted to companies that are committed to society or climate protection.  

About the podcast

The podcast series Together For Sustainability will focus on collaborations that offer positive impacts on the problems of climate change and the exploitation of our planet. Showing that the solution lies in collective effort the range of expert guests will focus on subjects such as water, resources, circular economy, and sustainable building.


GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability
GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability

Marcella Hansch

CEO, everwave foundation

An architect by training, Marcella Hansch is now CEO of the everwave foundation. While her foundation puts emphasis on environmental education, the social business everwave wants to clean rivers and protect the sea from plastic through its use of clean-up technologies. GROHE supports everwave since 2019.



Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen

University of Bonn and Maastricht University

Thomas Dohmen is Professor of Applied Microeconomics at the University of Bonn and spokesperson of ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy, which is funded as a Cluster of Excellence under the German Excellence Strategy. He is also Professor of Education and the Labour Market at the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. He studied economics at Maastricht University, where he received his Master's degree (M.A.) in Economics in December 1998 and his doctoral degree in May 2003. He also holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick (England).

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