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Ask the expert: How thermostats can help with a sustainable lifestyle

A thermostat is a must-have for every modern bathroom as it eliminates what 37% of respondents in a shower survey have singled out as a particularly annoying factor when showering: temperature fluctuations.* 

With the GROHTHERM 500 as the intelligent heart of the shower, complaints like these are a thing of the past: GROHE’s product solution impresses with steady comfort temperatures, personal settings and optimal convenience – at an affordable price. 

Carsten Geers, Senior Category Manager Thermostats, LIXIL EMENA, is an expert when it comes to intelligent shower technologies. He explains what customers can expect from GROHE thermostats and for whom a thermostat is perfectly suited.

GROHE GROHTHERM 500 Thermostat

Why do I need a thermostat?

Everyone knows the situation: You are taking a shower when the water temperature suddenly becomes burning hot or ice cold. This is often a key moment which determines whether your day starts well or badly. This is where the thermostat comes into play: 

In contrast to a regular lever mixer, it balances out any temperature fluctuations and keeps the temperature at a constant comfort level. Even with multiple water sources running simultaneously, the thermostat allows you to be in control of the temperature as it will prevent cold or hot surprises during showers. No matter if your shower routine is quick and easy, long and relaxing or includes a few breaks – the temperature stays the same. 

Another benefit is the temperature limiter which we call the 38 °C SafeStop button: It prevents children or visually impaired persons from turning up the temperature unintentionally and scalding themselves. In order to increase the temperature above 38 °C, you need to actively press a button.

How can a thermostat help with a sustainable lifestyle?

People who have opted for a shower equipped with a thermostat save water in several ways. The GROHE EcoButton, for example, reduces the water flow, resulting in savings of up to 50% of water without compromising on the shower quality. By simply pushing a button, you can increase the water volume if you want to. With this extra step, we aim to make users aware of their actions and try to nudge them towards a more sustainable water consumption.

Our study of shower habits showed that almost 52% of consumers turn off the water while showering**, for example to wash their hair or brush their teeth. Our GROHE thermostat technology enables users to keep on showering at the desired water temperature even when turning the water off and on. 

That makes the GROHTHERM 500 a real game changer when it comes to saving water and energy in everyday life.

In order to preserve this precious resource, water conservation and water enjoyment need to be kept in balance

Which thermostat is a perfect fit for whom?

Our product portfolio has to be as diverse as our customers are individual – regarding functionality but also pricing. Take, for example, the GROHTHERM 500 – it is the optimal entry-level product to replace a single-lever mixer, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a thermostat without spending extra money.

For consumers who want more comfort in their shower, we introduced the GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan, which features metal handles. There is also GROHTHERM 1000 Performance, which offers additional safety thanks to the 100% CoolTouch feature which prevents scalding by ensuring that the entire thermostat body does not exceed the shower water temperature.

* explorare & GROHE, shower study, June 2020: Germany, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, and Egypt, total of 3,500 respondents. 37% of respondents stated that they prefer a thermostat to prevent undesired fluctuations in temperature.
** explorare & GROHE, shower study, June 2020: 52% of respondents stated that they turn the water off while showering.