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GROHE X Summit 2023 – Caring for Water

Three days filled with thought-provoking debate and inspiring dialogue on the future of water

Hosting the very first GROHE X Summit “Caring for Water” was a joyful, inspiring and all-around successful journey. Over the course of three days, senior GROHE brand representatives and external experts, researchers and forward-thinkers shared first-hand insights on the three macro trends urbanization, sustainability, and health and wellbeing.

Now, let’s dive into the most interesting findings of the GROHE X Summit:


Water is the basis of life and it needs protection

Setting the tone on the relevance and urgency that a debate around water and water-related challenges deserves, Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA, correctly stated in his opening remarks that “water is the basis of life […] and it needs protection, now more than ever.” GROHE is of course in a remarkable position to push for and enable more sustainable water use. The brand is playing a vital role in bringing to the market sustainable technology which does not compromise on comfort or price. Customers voice an increasing demand for products that prevent further environmental harm and which have been designed with consideration for their impact on the planet. It is therefore GROHE’s obligation to deliver on this and build solutions that help to make homes not only visually appealing but to transform them into spaces where resources like water and energy are used in a thoughtful manner. 

“Megatrends” and TikTok: How future homes will look 

A fundamental part of GROHE’s work is to understand what drives consumers, to analyze trends and adapt to them without ever losing sight of the brand’s heritage and its sophistication, quality and timelessness. Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA, Katrin Franzen-Löhning, Leader Market Research LIXIL EMENA, Gudy Herder, Futurist, and Steve Collinge, Managing Director at Insight Retail Group, came together to discuss just that. The panel found common ground in the conclusion that sustainability, one obvious “megatrend” that is an essential part of today’s zeitgeist, is not only a trend any more but an obligation for all. Parallel to the growing importance of eco-friendly solutions, the need for relaxation and the notion of self-improvement through conscious me-time, as promoted globally through influencers and social media, is also increasing. The result: Consumers are increasingly looking for products that enhance personal comfort and at the same time save money, water and energy.

With its three sub-brands, GROHE is best equipped to cater to these multiple needs: GROHE QuickFix offers a unique experience to all independent consumers looking for convenient, easy and affordable solutions for soft renovations and replacements in the bathroom or kitchen. Thanks to the exclusive portfolio and comprehensive service offered by GROHE Professional, the brand supports installers and all experts in the sanitaryware industry to increase the success of their businesses. We have one single goal in mind: to simplify professional everyday work. And for consumers who want to enjoy wellness rituals in their own home, GROHE SPA brings together the brand’s most exclusive, premium products to enable the creation of unique wellbeing areas.

GROHE Everstream: Innovative technology for the people – and the planet

Talking about consumers’ wishes, saving water, energy and money, among other topics, has been a clear focus of recent discussions. The newly announced GROHE Everstream shower technology responds to all of that. It will entirely change how people all over the planet use their water. This product solution is designed to clean, reheat and reuse water in a circular process which results in massive savings: Calculations show that a four-person household can save up to 65% on costs and decrease its CO2 emissions by up to 70%, depending on individual showering habits. Additionally to the launch of GROHE Everstream in 2024, the brand aims to have all concealed showers water-recycling-ready by 2030. This will change the game.

Consumer-centric design: In the end home is a feeling

It goes without saying that all GROHE customers are at the heart of what GROHE does. That is why GROHE focuses on consumer-centric design, which Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA, and Carina Buhlert, Leader LIXIL Global Design Brand Environment, explained thoroughly during the GROHE X Summit. The brand’s product design approach is to reflect a personal and ever-growing individuality and style within GROHE’s product portfolio through different sub-brands, technological innovations and finishes. In his session, Jungbeom Han, Senior Designer LIXIL Global Design EMENA, explained how the design team pushes consumer-centric design with the help of extensive customer research. “Above all, you need to listen”, says Jungbeom Han, as he elaborated on the relevance of hearing customer needs and implementing these insights into the design process. 

Better together: First GROHE X Summit “Caring for Water” ends on a high note

After three days filled with inspiring conversations, interesting keynotes and thought-provoking panel debates, Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA, declared the first GROHE X Summit a great success:

“We have brought together business representatives, leading researchers and experts, scientists and forward-thinkers, disruptors, innovators and designers, to debate how to best navigate these uncertain times. I want to thank all guests who followed the call to come together to discuss how we can take better care of water today and tomorrow. I thank all GROHE partners and loyal customers for showing such appreciation for and interest in such an important topic. I hope we were able to spark many new ideas and provide new food for thought to implement in your business or your everyday life. In the last three days it has become more than clear that only together we can make a difference. Collaboration is the key to tackling the challenges of our time,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA.

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