A bathroom icon of elegance and precision

A circle of elegance for a well-rounded bathroom concept

In a world that confronts us with an abundance of images, impressions, and choices, people have started to look for a counterbalance. The idea of a return to what is essential, as exemplified by current trends like minimalism, is on the rise. The concept is simple yet effective: A focus on what is important in the world around us and a focus on what we, ourselves, are all about. The bathroom can be a perfect place for completely switching off for a while and indulging in some valuable personal time. But there is one essential requirement – a relaxing, pleasant bathroom atmosphere. The GROHE Atrio bathroom faucet line meets this requirement by creating a harmonious, elegant mood with a coherent design language that is based on one of the simplest geometric forms: the circle.

It is often the most basic and simple forms that are most aesthetically pleasing, as they help us focus and regain balance.

With its design focus on the natural shape of the circle and its pure geometric clarity, the GROHE Atrio collection represents the ultimate icon of elegance and precision: The spout curves in the perfect arc of a semicircle, while its sleek, cylindrical form, which is the same diameter from base to top, creates a timeless elegance. With the reduction of forms to an elegant shape, Atrio is a perfect match for any bathroom and complements classic looks as well as contemporary design schemes.

In perfect harmony with any style

Proving to be as versatile as the circle itself, GROHE Atrio products are available in various finishes and different size options, matching any interior design in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. From the busy kitchen sink to a focal location of the home spa, the shower, the Atrio collection covers everything: It comprises basin, bathtub, and shower mixers and is available for instance as elegant wall-mounted or cross-handle variants. Additionally, matching bidet mixers ensure that the bathroom features a coherent Atrio design language.

Choose from a range of accessories to ensure that design coherence is found even in the smallest details: soap dispensers and glass holders for the wash basin, toilet brush sets and toilet paper holders for a well-equipped WC area, and robe hooks and a towel rail to complete the shower space. Make your bathroom dreams come true with a floor-mounted bath mixer as the perfect design statement for your beautiful free-standing bathtub. Not only does the design of the Atrio collection match every current and upcoming style scheme, but even in years to come it will look immaculate and fit any bathroom perfectly.

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