Five Senses

Experience water enjoyment with all five senses

As the increasing speed of our outside world can sometimes be exhausting, it has become more important to actively take care of our own well-being. Now, more than ever, we need to create small retreats, where we can disconnect from all the hustle and bustle and find peace for body, mind, and soul. The perfect solution: a personal home spa. The term “spa” is derived from the Latin “Sanus Per Aquam” – “Health Through Water”. Water can play a healing role and helps us experience the moments of peace, relaxation, and well-being we are searching for. With the GROHE SPA collection, you can create your personal SPA and wellness space at home and enjoy valuable ‘me-time’ and true moments of bliss with all five senses.

The sound of water

Nothing compares to the rushing stream of a waterfall or the sound of a warm summer rain. GROHE SPA products bring these wonderfully relaxing sounds to your bathroom and make you forget the hectic world outside for a while. Different water volumes and spray types create various sounds that have one thing in common: the calming, (re-)energizing, and de-stressing effect the sound of flowing water has on your body and soul.

A feast for the eyes

Pure beauty meets sophistication. Carefully selected colors, materials, and finishes come together with progressive designs. The bold designs of all GROHE SPA products are made to stand out. They are real eye-catchers, bringing a touch of luxury to your bathroom. The versatile design collection offers full freedom and can be tailored to your personal taste to allow you to express your unique personality.

A gentle touch

Different materials enable unique haptic experiences. The tactility, precision, and quality of all GROHE SPA products let you enjoy GROHE’s passion for water in every detail and let you experience these details through your sense of touch. This interaction with GROHE products and their carefully designed surfaces is just as simple, gentle, and natural as a drop of water touching the skin.

A full sensorial experience with GROHE SPA

To engage all five senses when enjoying the GROHE SPA water experience, the relaxing and healing scents of, for instance, eucalyptus and lavender can be included in the GROHE SPA experience. Our sense of taste can be activated by a hot beverage ceremony which has always been part of a proper SPA experience. Holding a warm cup of tea, inhaling the hot steam, and having a sip also has a beneficial effect on your health by calming you down and letting you connect with yourself.

Engaging all five senses

Find yourself in a state of perfect happiness and gather energy for body and mind. The GROHE SPA collection enables you to upgrade your bathroom to a holistic home oasis. Discover the renewed GROHE Allure faucet line and customizable shower products such as GROHE SPA Modular Ceiling Showers and Body Sprays. These products create unique water experiences tailored to your needs that allow you to indulge yourself in a perfect ‘me-moment’ that engages all of your five senses.