Welcome to the new hot spot in your kitchen

To simplify our daily lives, the kitchen, a truly hands-on space, needs to be equipped with more and more smart and convenient technologies. Especially when things get stressful and tummies are rumbling, quick solutions are very welcome. Thanks to the innovative technology of GROHE Red, you will never have to wait long for the comfort of a cup of tea again. Or for dinner. Or for baby’s late-night bottle. Because with GROHE Red, a remarkable helpmate moves into the heart of your kitchen and delivers kettle-hot water straight from the tap. This way, you experience a whole new level of cooking while you enjoy a multitude of benefits, saving time, energy and space in your kitchen – all in one go.

GROHE Red taps deliver filtered water heated to 99°C for an exceptional taste experience – whenever you need it. You only take the exact amount of hot water you need, so you save on water and energy consumption. And as safety is the first priority, GROHE Red taps come with a unique, TÜV-certified child lock and safety feature that helps to eliminate the danger of scalding. Additionally, GROHE Red is a convenient companion for a healthy lifestyle: With kettle-hot water on demand, the blanching of vegetables can be done in an instant - the best way to preserve their color and vitamins.

Enjoy your next-level cooking experience with GROHE Red. Take time to enjoy, not to boil.

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