New Year’s resolutions

Top 5 inspiring hacks for a more conscious lifestyle in 2022 

New year, new me? The turn of the year is an ideal opportunity to question one's habits and bring a breath of fresh air into deep-rooted behaviours – not only in terms of sports and nutrition. There are also numerous starting points when it comes to sutainability and well-being. Especially in the past 1.5 years of the pandemic, people have shown an increasing need to slow down and developed a restrenghtened focus on holistic health both in body and mind. That also involves a more conscious thinking towards the environment: Over 1 in 4 Europeans have strongly changed their consumption related daily behavior in 2020 with regard to grocery shopping, health and wellbeing, meal preparation and work situation.

But changing a habit is often not that easy. Let us give you five tips on how you can easily implement a more conscious lifestyle. 

Hack no. 1: Less is more  

Luckily, zero waste shops are not only a thing of big cities anymore. Meanwhile, they can also be found in smaller towns or even in more rural areas. Regardless of their location, they have one thing in common: fighting packaging waste and saving valuable resources. Doing so, the sustainable store concepts offer a wide range of everyday products: Next to pasta, nuts or spices, they also offer shampoo, shower gel or dishwashing liquids for refill to make single-use plastic a thing of the past.  

For a full zero waste shopping experience, you just need to bring your own refillable storage container or bottle. Also, our GROHE water systems make a direct contribution to a zero waste inspired lifestyle. Thanks to GROHE Blue, there is no need for single-use plastic bottles anymore as it offers filtered chilled, medium or sparkling water straight from the kitchen tap.   

Hack no. 2: Selfmade 

The kitchen is the ideal place to make decisions which contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Have you ever thought about making bread, plant milk or jam by yourself instead of buying it in the supermarket?   

Even if you would not consider yourself a hobby chef, the preparation is mostly not as complicated as expected. Besides the fact that selfmade food even tastes better, you know exactly which ingredients are being used and you can be sure that there are no artificial preservatives or potentially harmful flavour enhancers inside. Further, the preparation of the recipe of your choice will give you both moments of relaxation and happiness – and together with family and friends it is even more fun!  

Hack no. 3: Take your time off 

Balancing job and private life is often very stressful. That is why you should always make time to take active breaks from everyday life. Even if you may find it difficult in the beginning, try to take a 30 minutes time-out every day where you switch off all your devices to not get disturbed. There are basically no limits to the design of you break: How about a relaxing bath time or a walk around the lake in your area during lunch break or after work? Seeing or touching water has a calming effect on the body which brings you into a state of meditation, focus and mindfulness. Ideal conditions to relax and recharge your batteries to be prepared for the next challenge ahead. 

Hack no. 4: Sustainable helpmates  

Cleaning dishes and washing hands is a fixed part of our daily kitchen and bathroom routine – especially during the pandemic. However, this also uses a lot of water. Besides turning off the water when lathering your hands thoroughly, you can easily contribute to a more sustainable water and energy consumption by exchanging your faucet. But how does that work?   

GROHE’s intelligent product features, such as GROHE EcoJoy or SilkMove ES, which are integrated in many faucets, save valuable water without compromising on comfort. GROHE EcoJoy reduces the water flow and enriches the water with air, thereby ensuring a perfect, voluminous flow while saving valuable resources – perfect for making a direct daily contribution to a sustainable future. In addition to that, GROHE SilkMove ES is the intelligent combination of energy-saving and effortless water control. By always using the mid-lever position for cold water, wastage of hot water can be reduced. 

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Hack no. 5: Give second chances 

Even if shopping is one of the most favorite hobbies for many, it is about time to start questioning your own consumption habits. Less consumption in everyday life not only helps you save money, but also contributes to a more sustainable environment.   

For example, the production of clothing, such as jeans, requires a huge amount of water – and unfortunately, toxic chemicals are often still being used during the manufacturing process. Also, poor working conditions and long transport routes should be considered when you get caught in the consumption trap again. One tip before making a new purchase is to ask yourself if there is already a comparable item in your wardrobe. Also, stationary or online second-hand stores are a great alternative to save valuable resources without missing out on the familiar feeling of happiness while shopping.