Grohtherm thermostats

Goodbye to temperature fluctuations in the shower

Showering is as much a part of starting the day right as freshly brewed coffee. Turn on the water, set the feel-good temperature and off you go. There is nothing more annoying than temperature fluctuations and a long hassle to set your preferred temperature. At this point, shower thermostats can provide quick relief: Thanks to GROHE’s TurboStat technology, water is delivered at your desired temperature within a fraction of a second and kept constant for the duration of your shower. Say goodbye to time and water wasted fiddling with the controls to get the temperature right and enjoy a shower moment full of relaxation. With its variety of thermostats GROHE offers a matching product for every shower:

GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan – The modern version of a compact thermostat

You prefer the highest quality standards, technology and design at an attractive price? Grohtherm 800 Cosmopolitan has it all covered. The slim, cylindrical silhouette of the thermostat meets all the requirements of chic, modern bathroom design. The solid metal handles of the new Grohtherm 800 Cosmopolitan complement the sleek design which is also easy to clean. Safety and ergonomic ease of use are ensured by the integrated Ergorim on the back for great grip, even with wet or soapy hands. Thanks to the GROHE EcoButton, the Grohtherm 800 Cosmopolitan can reduce water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on the showering experience.

GROHTHERM 1000 Performance – Full shower performance with extra safety features

Do you know the feeling? You want to take a hot shower and then scald yourself on the hot tap? With GROHE CoolTouch technology, scalding is a thing of the past.

CoolTouch forms a barrier of cold water between the hot water and the product surface which therefore always keeps cool to touch and never exceeds the shower temperature. The ribbed surface of the ergonomic ProGrip handle makes it comfortable to use, even with soapy hands and also for children. A conscious approach to water has also been thought of: With the help of the GROHE EcoButton, you can achieve up to 50% water saving while showering.

GROHE SmartControl thermostats available for concealed or exposed installation, invite you to a powerful and indulgent showering experience that is completely controlled by you: Choose your preferred spray pattern by pushing the button, then turn it to adjust the water volume and just shower!

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