Take-back system for GROHE Blue filters

Recycling instead of discarding

Water is a valuable resource – every drop is precious and should be used carefully. This belief is at the core of GROHE’s brand values, which is why GROHE is continuously striving to further improve its sustainability efforts. Amongst other sustainable products and initiatives, the GROHE Blue water system has the potential to effect a change in awareness and further promote sustainable behavior. GROHE Blue saves up to 800 plastic bottles in a four-person household per year (1) by providing filtered and chilled still or sparkling water straight from the kitchen tap, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. As minimizing the impact on the environment is a continuous journey, GROHE is moving on by taking sustainability to the next level with GROHE Blue: GROHE has developed a take-back system for used filters in collaboration with the supplier BWT with the ultimate goal of improving recycling. After all, used filters are important sources for valuable raw materials.

How does the process work?

A central element of GROHE Blue technology is the filter cartridge, which ensures that water is filtered to the highest quality. Once the filtration capacity is depleted, the cartridge needs to be replaced. A new cartridge can be purchased via the GROHE Watersystems app or the brand’s online shop. Thanks to GROHE’s take-back system, the used filter can be returned to GROHE after use and is then passed on to BWT. This is where the recycling process begins.
Plastics are processed into granules and the resin used in the filters is regenerated and then partially used in the creation of new cartridges. In the end, 99% of materials are recycled, leaving only 1% waste. (2)