GROHE SPA Ceiling Shower modules

Under the waterfall

Customized showering pleasure by GROHE

In today’s stressful world, it is more important than ever to create room for relaxation, ideally in the privacy of one’s own home. Finding time to decompress after a long day is much easier when it can be done right at home, especially when the bathroom has been transformed into a personalized home spa with personal settings that allow for an easy transition from workday to spa time. In fact, it does not even take a bathtub to indulge in a moment of wellness and create a relaxing atmosphere: The new GROHE SPA collection features Ceiling Shower modules, which, together with GROHE Body Sprays, transform the shower into a place of joyful recreation and wellness, designed by the user.


Individual shower experience for your home spa

The Ceiling Shower modules are one of GROHE’s customizable shower highlights which respond to individual shower habits and enable pure water enjoyment. With the GROHE SPA Ceiling Shower modules, users can choose and combine different spray patterns. There are no limits to creativity, as full flexibility for designing one’s personal ceiling shower – perfectly tailored to individual needs – is given. The extra slim design of the modules fits round and square designs and underlines a minimalist, sophisticated look.

The GROHE SPA collection also comprises other exclusive designs featuring cutting-edge technology, curated to transform the bathroom into an oasis of well-being and to create a new kind of water experience for all senses. GROHE SPA stands for ‘health through water’. With the calming sound of a shower and the soothing feeling of water touching the skin, the quality of water as an elixir of life itself comes to the fore.

With the new SPA collection, GROHE offers consumers unique water enjoyment that allows them to find relaxation in their own bathroom. Carefully selected colors, materials, and finishes together with progressive designs make the SPA collection a real eye-catcher. And thanks to versatile customization options, consumers have full freedom of design, allowing them to tailor their home spa to their personal taste. With high-end technology, quality made in Germany, and true versatility, GROHE SPA provides lasting moments of bliss.

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