GROHE Eurosmart

The evolution of an all-time favorite

Today's world is fast-paced and constantly changing, but there are some things you can count on. With GROHE Eurosmart, the global sanitary brand has created a product that has become an all-time classic over the years - an innovation, then as now. The bathroom has always been of special significance in our living spaces. It is therefore all the more important that bathroom products are reliable and suit our individual lifestyle. Already in the 1990s, GROHE could look back on a rich portfolio of market-leading bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. When consumer demand for appealing design – including fixtures installed in the bathroom – increased in the 1990s, the famous GROHE Eurosmart faucet line was born.


A design evolution

In 1999, GROHE created the first Eurosmart faucet - a fitting that quickly became a true classic among installers as well as consumers and a true all-rounder and optimal entry product into the GROHE world. Ever since, Eurosmart has been regarded as a sympathetic product, in tune with changing times. Responding to shifting consumer needs, design requirements, and technological innovations, Eurosmart faucets have evolved. In 2006, Eurosmart matured: The second Eurosmart generation offered a revised design and new features, such as EcoJoy and SilkMove, as well as the new StarLight finish, which completed the always developing customer favorite.

Even after its relaunch in 2015, Eurosmart retained its recognition value. While details such as size, range, design language, and interaction have evolved over the years, the third Eurosmart generation is still Eurosmart. From 2015, an even greater focus was placed on maximum user comfort: The faucets became larger, and the spout was raised – a change corresponding with consumer needs. Over the years, a large Eurosmart product family has developed and new additions - for instance high spout basin mixers in 2015 - were added to the portfolio.


A glimpse into the future

In 2021, the familiar Eurosmart product line features a new look, new functions, and new product variants - it is ready for the future. In the fourth generation, the design has been refreshed and once again adapted to meet current consumer demands. In addition to further technical innovations, the versatile product range has been further expanded to include additional family members: Long lever and loop lever variants, the new hybrid faucet, and pull-out variants allow for more comfort and versatile usage and meet any consumer need.  While the design and functionality of GROHE Eurosmart have evolved over the past decades, one thing remains the same: Eurosmart remains a reliable, user-friendly, and attractive solution for bathrooms and kitchens.  

GROHE Eurosmart

GROHE’s all-time favorite with installers and consumers!

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