GROHE hands-free kitchen

Hands-free technologies for the kitchen sink

Convenience on another level

With open kitchen spaces as a state-of-the-art concept in modern homes, kitchen appliances and equipment are on full display from the living area and thus have to fulfill not only functional, but also aesthetic demands. But they also need to support a busy lifestyle where a lot needs to be juggled at the same time: With a pot of boiling soup waiting to be stirred, vegetables that need to be chopped and family visitors anticipating dinner to be ready in next to no time, who would not appreciate a hands-free kitchen faucet to keep up with modern kitchen tasks?

GROHE, a long-time pioneer in high quality kitchen faucets, is now incorporating this need into their combination of excellent functionality and design. Three different concepts offer hands-free solutions for every need:

Bringing design and intuition to the kitchen: SmartControl

GROHE SmartControl offers intuitive, automatic usability for the most convenient, practical, yet elegant kitchen. The faucets are an aesthetic highlight that helps make any cooking experience more convenient, but also more hygienic. Their intuitive handling via the simple push of a button to activate or stop the water flow and a simple twist movement which enables precise adjustments of the water volume. It can also easily be steered and adjusted with just the wrist or elbow, making any multitasking scenarios in the kitchen a lot easier and avoiding contact with dirty hands. The GROHE SmartControl line with its minimalist and purist shape is available in three different design variants: the organic shaped GROHE Essence design, the A-shaped GROHE Zedra design, and the cylindrical GROHE Minta design.

Completely liberate the hands with FootControl

To keep the hands free for the numerous kitchen tasks, the GROHE FootControl technology allows to steer the water flow and intensity by a simple push with your feet, thereby making hands-free water faucet usage even easier and more convenient. The feature is easy to install thanks to battery operation and can be retrofitted to all existing GROHE pull-out spout faucets, making for the perfect convenience upgrade of your kitchen faucet. All together, the operation with the foot control sensor offers high comfort and control by liberating the hands, as well as improved hygiene, as the faucet’s surface does not need to be touched.

EasyTouch: For an easy and convenient kitchen experience

But, three is a charm – which is why GROHE has yet another solution of easy, hands-free faucet handling in store: GROHE EasyTouch puts the power of water at the center of every kitchen at just the hint of a touch. GROHE Zedra or Minta Touch let you turn your faucet on and off at the slightest touch without leaving marks or stains with greasy fingers while cooking.

With just the wrist or the elbow, the faucet can be controlled completely hands-free – it does not get more hygienic than that. The EasyTouch technology is integrated seamlessly, and available for both the Minta L- or C-spouts. Zedra Touch also allows for integration of a Grohtherm Micro under cabinet thermostat for optimum warm water regulation to avoid scalding. Maximum safety, maximum convenience, and maximum elegance:

GROHE - “hands down” the most convenient personalized kitchen experience out there!

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