Have your water your way

Saving time, space and the planet – in a fast-moving world, we are increasingly looking for ways to combine these modern-day challenges. We want more convenient, holistic and innovative solutions for our homes and workplaces without making compromises on life quality or design choices.

By transforming the kitchen into your favorite source of fresh water, the GROHE Blue water system meets all these requirements and more. GROHE Blue brings innovation to the most essential element of life: drinking water.

No matter how you prefer your water, the GROHE Blue Home water system has got you covered. It allows you to turn your tap water into chilled, filtered, still, medium or sparkling water - all from one single faucet. At the simple touch of a button, GROHE Blue delivers filtered water the way you want it. And if you want to use unfiltered tap water - no problem: two separate internal waterways for filtered and unfiltered tap water allow you to choose.

Combining convenient functionality and perfect taste with slim, elegant design, the compact water system fits neatly under the sink and into every kitchen. GROHE Blue Home simplifies your life: By drawing your favorite drinking water straight from the tap, you can avoid hundreds of plastic bottles every year, thereby saving both energy and CO2 in comparison to buying bottled water. Plus, it saves you a huge amount of time, as the weekly trips to the store will become unnecessary – including the hassle of lifting heavy bottles.

A holistic sustainable lifestyle also involves your workplace. GROHE Blue Professional can turn your office or company into a completely bottle-free zone, too! From family dinners to office meetings and from colleagues to friends – GROHE Blue offers fresh and convenient water enjoyment for everyone.

Goodbye plastic bottles and heavy lifting – hello GROHE Blue!

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