Green products for a blue planet

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For a long time, humankind has extracted the earth’s precious resources and often leaving behind nothing but waste. As our planet's resources are limited, we need to open our eyes to our environmental footprint and re-think our use of resources. To put it bluntly: we need to extract as few resources as possible from our planet and reduce the human impact on the biosphere. GROHE has already taken up this challenge by focusing on the most essential element of our lives: water.

The GROHE Blue water system transforms the kitchen into a direct source of fresh drinking water, thereby helping to save water, energy consumption and CO 2 in one go. The compact water system simplifies your life and helps a family of four to avoid 800 of plastic bottles every year (1) while suiting any taste with either still, medium or sparkling water – chilled and filtered, straight from a single tap. With the simple touch of a button, you can enjoy your favorite drinking water while lightening the load for the environment.

Complementing GROHE Blue, the GROHE Red water system delivers kettle hot water on demand and only the exact amount you need, which means saving water and energy consumption. The innovative technology filters and heats water to 99°C for a next-level cooking experience and has a positive impact on both you and the planet.

Using the exact amount of water you need is not only worthwhile for ecological but also for economic reasons. GROHE faucets equipped with technologies such as EcoJoy, save our precious resource water and money. A built-in special mousseur limits the flow, allowing users to reduce their water consumption by up to 50 percent without compromising on the full water experience. An aerator ensures the same volume perception as with conventional faucets.

Naturally, saving water is important for the planet but water can also be used in a responsible way to reduce waste. The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet offers a simple yet innovative technology to reduce paper waste in the bathroom: two separate shower arms allow you to clean yourself gently with water after using the toilet. The innovative functions for ultimate hygiene can be tailored to your personal needs to provide perfect skin care and cleanliness.

The Triple Vortex Flush with its three water outlets in the bowl creates a powerful vortex effect that reaches every corner of the ceramic. GROHE toilets equipped with a rimless WC design allow easier cleaning. Moreover, you can choose Pure Guard, a special coating, for ceramics from GROHE : long-lasting ions with an anti-bacterial effect prevent bacteria growth and keep your ceramics clean and germ-free. The smooth surface also locks out dirt resulting from limescale and grime. All of these special features enable effortless cleaning.

Another great lever enabling you to reduce your ecological footprint are GROHE thermostats. At the heart of the thermostats is GROHE TurboStat technology which maintains a constant water temperature throughout the showering process and compensates for temperature peaks to prevent scalding. Next to increased safety, GROHE thermostats offer a great way to save water: The EcoButton allows users to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent, without forcing them to compromise on a full shower experience.

A technology which not only saves water but also CO 2 is GROHE Silkmove ES – with “ES” standing for energy saving. But how exactly does this technology work? With GROHE Silkmove ES, the faucet prevents the unnecessary use of hot water by supplying cold water with the faucet lever in the middle position. In contrast to conventional faucets, the water is not heated unnecessarily when you turn on the faucet but only when you switch it to hot, thereby saving up to 279 kg CO 2 and about 263.54 Euros annually when used by a family of four.

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When looking at how to further improve the manufacture of products, the still-emerging technology of 3D metal-printing comes to the fore. 3D metal-printing is not only a revolution in terms of design, but also enables a particularly resource-saving method of manufacturing fittings: only the material that is actually part of the finished product needs to be melted. In addition, it is possible to manufacture components such as spouts and handles much thinner, thus saving material. Compared to a conventional faucet made of brass, a weight reduction up to 55% can be received when using 3D metal-printing.

With GROHE, you can easily take your first steps towards a more sustainable way of living – in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

The future of our shared planet depends on us changing our habits. Innovative technologies can help us do so. The good thing is, sustainable practice no longer means compromising at the expense of convenience. Instead, it allows us to enjoy life at the fullest with the help of green products that are smart, ease our everyday life and benefit nature.

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