Resource-saving products for a blue planet

For a long time, humanity’s demand for precious ecological resources has been exceeding what Earth can regenerate. The advancing climate, water and energy crises make it clear that we need to re-think our environmental footprint and make better use of our resources. To enable and motivate everyone to become part of this regenerative change, GROHE is working to reduce those everyday hurdles to a sustainable lifestyle.

GROHE has taken up the challenge of facilitating a resource-efficient day-to-day life through the development of smart products and innovative technologies. The key: Sustainability is automatically incorporated into your product to enable less resource use without the need for strict behavioral adjustments. 

Resource-saving innovations in the household can be especially impactful. In fact, GROHE’s technologies and products can positively impact 70 percent of your standard water use in the bathroom and kitchen – all without you needing to compromise on comfort – and save a family up to 1,035€ per year*. 

Stepping up resource protection in the bathroom

Did you know? The bathroom accounts for over two thirds of daily water use**. So products with smart technologies can make a decisive impact in reducing consumption in your daily routine. 

Resource-saving technologies ensure your daily routine includes fewer worries but full comfort: EcoJoy limits water flow by up to 50 percent while maintaining a voluminous water experience. Did you know that water-heating is the second biggest source of energy use in the home?*** GROHE Silkmove ES encourages more responsible use by providing only cold water when the faucet lever is in the middle position.

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Another great innovation that enables you to reduce your ecological footprint: GROHE thermostats offer a great way to save water. The EcoButton allows you to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent, without compromising on your showering experience. With GROHE TurboStat technology at the thermostat’s heart, it maintains a constant water temperature throughout the showering process and compensates for temperature peaks to prevent scalding.

Wash hands the smart way: With GROHE’s touchless faucets water only flows when truly needed, so water consumption is reduced by up to 70%. The mixer switches off whenever you retract your hands from underneath the faucet, for example during soaping. 

Naturally, saving water is important for the planet, but water can also be used in an efficient, responsible way to reduce waste. The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet offers a simple yet innovative technology as a way to reduce paper waste in the bathroom and increase hygiene. Two separate shower arms provide gentle cleansing with water after using the toilet. Tailored to your personal needs to provide perfect skin care and ultimate cleanliness – win-win!


Cut energy, water and CO2 in the kitchen – with ease

As we spend more of our lives in the kitchen, it is one of the central spaces impacting daily resource consumption. Luckily, there are numerous smart ways to use fewer resources without sacrificing comfort. The GROHE Blue water system transforms your kitchen into a direct source of fresh drinking water. The compact water system simplifies your life and helps a family of four to avoid using 800 single-use plastic bottles every year**** , while suiting any taste thanks to a choice of either still, medium, or sparkling water – chilled and filtered, straight from a single tap. Enjoy your favorite drinking water via the simple touch of a button and simultaneously lighten the load on the environment. Cutting water, energy consumption and CO2 in one go. 

On a mission for ever newer innovations

Committing to continuous improvement and reflection, GROHE focuses on taking concrete action, using the solutions that are currently available and constantly working on better ones. This was with the consideration behind the cutting of all unnecessary plastic from our product packaging, leading to a saving of 37 million plastic items per year. In addition, GROHE’s Cradle to Cradle Certified® range has been expanded to include six sustainable solutions. These are certified by one of the world’s most trusted science-based frameworks for designing and manufacturing safe, circular, and responsibly made products.

What’s next? GROHE’s Recycling Shower goes a decisive step further towards water efficiency: The innovative circulating process cleans, reheats, and reuses water to use only a quarter of the water and a third of the energy typically required by traditional showers, translating into a cost saving of up to 65% a year for a four-person household and up to 70% fewer CO2 emissions.

Thanks to smart solutions and innovations, sustainable living does not have to mean drastic changes in behavior or compromising at the expense of convenience. Instead, enhanced savings can be made by enabling you to actively make sustainable choices every day. 


* This calculation example is based on the following parameters: Household of 4 people using 6 minutes of shower time, 2 minutes for basin mixer and 1 minute for kitchen mixer per person per day. The costs are based on the following estimate: Energy cost 0,4 €/kWh, water cost 0,0035 €/litre. Assumption of flow rates: Old product flow rates: 15 l/min for shower, 8 l/min for basin mixer and 12 l/min for kitchen mixer. New product flow rates: 7.5 l/min for shower, 5 l/min for basin mixer and 9.5 l/min for kitchen mixer. New basin/kitchen mixer equipped with GROHE SilkMove ES energy saving functionality. GROHE does not guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the results, as the calculation depends on many unforeseeable factors and is therefore non-binding. In particular, it depends on water and energy prices, consumer behavior and the technical installations on site. 

** German Association of Energy and Water Industries, Water Statistics, 2021

*** Federal Statistical Office 2018,

**** Environmental Action Germany (DHU)


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