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GROHE X Panel Talk 

Living in an ever-changing world – How to envision the home of tomorrow?

In recent times one would say that the only constant in our lives is change. Work, family, travel, leisure, it has seemed that every aspect of daily living has had to be reassessed. Even the idea of home, traditionally a haven and an escape from the world, has seen a shift in perception. To add to the confusion, many of the underlying trends have seemed to be contradictory. Cities are expanding, but at the same time there has been a movement towards the countryside and remote living. We want to feel safe at home and protected from the outside world, yet we increasingly invite it in through remote working and learning. Technology is advancing all the time, and at the same time we have seen a trend towards retro styling and minimalism. 

Our panel will bring their various perspectives and expertise to the conversation. Together they will try to unpick the fleeting trends from the enduring drivers that will dictate how the homes of tomorrow will look and feel. They come from the world the world of retail, which is concerned with providing for consumers’ everyday comfort and convenience. From the perspective of the DIY industry we will get some perspective on the human urge to improve our homes. And from our own point of view as a sanitary industry leader, we can look at the role water will continue to make in transforming four walls into a home.           

Experts on stage

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Jonas Brennwald


Jonas Brennwald has managed various sales regions for GROHE since 2012, most recently as Chief Sales Officer. Since 2019 he is part of the board as Co-CEO Grohe AG and became Leader LIXIL EMENA in 2020. In his role he is responsible for the commercial aspect of the business for the GROHE brand in EMENA, incorporating LIXIL's global expertise and values. Before his career at LIXIL EMENA, he held numerous management positions at major brands, including Mars, Ecolab, Goodyear Dunlop and Dorman.

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Steve Collinge

Managing Director Insight Retail Group and Executive Editor Insight DIY

Steve has spent in his entire career in the DIY and gardening sector, holding senior commercial roles with several household name brands. In 2010 he set up Insight Retail Group Limited, then launched the Insight DIY website the following year. Steve uses his vast experience to spot movements and trends in the market and provide consultancy and intelligence to his business clients.

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Gudy Herder

Futurist & Keynote Speaker On Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends

Gudy Herder shares Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends on international trade shows, design events and online conferences.
Her keynotes illustrate socio-cultural references, underlying consumer behavior, and patterns that lead to new directions.

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Katrin Franzen-Löhnig

Leader, Market Research, LIXIL EMENA

Katrin only recently joined GROHE in June 2022. She had previously worked in the retail industry in Germany, among other roles leading a market research team for a well-known German retail conglomerate. Her team provides insights into consumers’ changing tastes and desires as they happen.

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GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Yasmine Blair


Yasmine was born in Los Angeles and moved to her mother’s home city of Vienna as a child. She began her TV career in 2006, moving to Berlin in 2009. She hosts a number of live shows and corporate programs, while also working as a translator and coach.