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GROHE X Masterclass

Adapted to our needs – Interior design and products for new spaces

Any design team’s main task as understanding the forces that drive changing consumer taste so that the products they create anticipate rather than follow those curves. Before they even begin to visualise a certain product, a lot of work goes into researching people’s behaviours and how they interact with the wider social, cultural and economic environment. In short, designing objects that people will use every day involves knowing a bit about everything.

One way to make the task manageable in our industry is to focus on the main big trends that influence how people imagine and arrange their homes. For us, the focus is on three key so-called megatrends: urbanization, health and wellbeing, and sustainability. Many of the current trends in interior design can be traced to the workings of these forces. 

Increased urbanization as more people move to live in cities puts space at a premium, so homes have to be more compact. Interior spaces dissolve into one another so fittings such as faucets and showers are now visible, meaning they have to be aesthetically pleasing and able to adapt to the wider design scheme. Increased awareness of health and wellbeing means consumers want their home bathroom to be a kind of wellness spa, rather than a merely functional space, with fittings to match. And it’s clear that how we use precious resources such as water and energy will have a huge impact on our home’s sustainability, and that the bathroom and kitchen products we choose will have a role to play.  

Experts on stage

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Patrick Speck

Leader, LIXIL Global Design, EMENA

Patrick Speck joined GROHE in 2006 and has held several senior positions in the design department. Becoming VP Design Transformation in 2018, he ensured LIXIL’s design vision was globally aligned across the brand portfolio. In 2020 Patrick was appointed to Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA, with the purpose to deliver insight-driven and meaningful product solutions and ensuring the designs add real value to consumer lives. Before his career at LIXIL, he worked for global brands such as Electrolux, Zanussi, Rex and AEG.

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Carina Buhlert

Leader, LIXIL Global Brand Identity, EMENA

German-Venezuelan Carina began her career as an interior designer, before moving into museum and exhibition design. After many years freelancing for prominent companies and cultural organisations, she joined GROHE in 2018 as Creative Director for Brand Environments and Experiences, in which role she was responsible for international showrooms, and retail and exhibition design. In her current role since December 2020, she ensures brand consistency and creates value for all LIXIL brands. She is also an active member of the advisory board of the VMM European Association for Visual Marketing and Merchandising.

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GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Yasmine Blair


Yasmine was born in Los Angeles and moved to her mother’s home city of Vienna as a child. She began her TV career in 2006, moving to Berlin in 2009. She hosts a number of live shows and corporate programs, while also working as a translator and coach.