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GROHE X Opening Keynote 

Future living

In fast-changing times the idea of home takes on a new importance. It has never felt more important to have a place of shelter and privacy to retreat to. But even our homes are not immune to the forces of change. How we use them – and what we expect from them – is evolving at pace. As a brand with a strong presence and a long history in our sector, GROHE is well placed to help our business partners and consumers adapt to the times and make the most of the opportunities that are presented by historical turning points such as this. We have a chance to represent continuity and trust. But we must not be complacent. We have to earn our customers’ trust every day by placing them at the centre of everything we do and directing all our actions and products to their benefit. And we must live up to the LIXIL purpose of “Making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere”. In his opening remarks, Leader LIXIL EMENA Jonas Brennwald introduces the theme of the three-day summit, which is “Caring for water”, and the subject which will be explored on this first day, which is “The future of living”. GROHE has a big contribution to make to shaping how we will adapt to our changing times. But Jonas is emphatic that only by acknowledging how interconnected we are, and through collaborating with one another in a spirit of openness, will we grasp the moment. We hope that events such as this are part of that process. 

Experts on stage

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Jonas Brennwald


Jonas Brennwald has managed various sales regions for GROHE since 2012, most recently as Chief Sales Officer. Since 2019 he is part of the board as Co-CEO Grohe AG and became Leader LIXIL EMENA in 2020. In his role he is responsible for the commercial aspect of the business for the GROHE brand in EMENA, incorporating LIXIL's global expertise and values. Before his career at LIXIL EMENA, he held numerous management positions at major brands, including Mars, Ecolab, Goodyear Dunlop and Dorman.

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GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Yasmine Blair


Yasmine was born in Los Angeles and moved to her mother’s home city of Vienna as a child. She began her TV career in 2006, moving to Berlin in 2009. She hosts a number of live shows and corporate programs, while also working as a translator and coach.