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Wow Of The Week

Tiny House Vinkeveen

How can a tiny house become a comfortable family home? There is one example that shows how small house design is done: Fresh flowers in the kitchen, the steam from freshly made hot tea, a spacious garden and an airy and inviting living space brought together by the beautiful light. The space is similar to a typical apartment in Amsterdam and yet it’s a whole new experience of living. In the small village of Vinkeveen in the Netherlands, you can feel the countryside in every corner of this homely yet modern tiny house.


Designing a tiny house

Welcome to Bowie Nijdam’s Wow Of The Week. He tells us about his personal connection to designing a tiny house and provides some insights into his vision of creating something new and long-lasting out of something old. Now, every detail of the house has been thought out and every room is an interior highlight that makes the lack of square meters completely fade into the background. The interior picks up warm tones and wooden accents and plays with glass and light to enhance the open space. High wooden ceilings allow for a warm and calm atmosphere, and the use of sunlight builds a strong link to the outdoor space. Tiny House Vinkeveen is a perfect example of how the creative choice of materials and high-quality products can contribute to a relaxed, idyllic, and contemporary living area, even if it is just as tiny as a small apartment.Nijdam's tiny house is not just a simple building, but a family project that has come to life through the collaborative efforts of the interior and furnishing designer and his father. By working together, they have managed to create a tiny house that feels spacious and comfortable, despite its size. Through their shared vision and determination, they have brought their dream to fruition, resulting in a truly unique living space that reflects their personal story and journey.


Every detail matters

At GROHE, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to creating a home that reflects your individuality. That’s why we offer the GROHE Colors Collection, which allows you to express your unique style down to the very last detail. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? 

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