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Wow Of The Week

The BEEAH Headquarters by Zaha Hadid Architects

Take a glimpse into the future. In the middle of the desert of the United Arab Emirates you can find an iconic landmark where technology, design and nature come together. Join Deniz Akkaya (Leader Projects MENA, LIXIL EMENA) and watch our Wow of the Week: the BEEAH Headquarters in Sharjah. A building that proves that sustainable architecture can go hand in hand with an outstanding design. 

Inspired by the dunes of Sharjah, located on the Persian Gulf, the 9,000 sq. meter building was designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Equipped with next generation technologies like a smart management system that automatically adjusts lighting and temperature depending on occupancy and time of day, it has a lot to offer. The design echoes the surrounding landscape and responds perfectly to its environment. A wide internal space allows natural daylight to pass throughout the entire building. The interior radiates the color white while futuristic forms contribute to the clean and minimalistic look. Light that floods the entire building enhances its impressive design. Soft, curved forms grow into the dune shaped hallway leading up to the open office spaces. 

Reflecting the company’s sustainable mission, every little detail of the architecture aims for resource-efficiency. BEEAH’s ambitions are reflected in their headquarters which serves as a blueprint for shaping tomorrow’s smart, sustainable cities. With net-zero emissions and minimal energy consumption the BEEAH headquarters sets a new benchmark for future workplaces by encouraging people to think in new ways.

Through our Wow of the Week, get inspired by a design that aims to achieve environmental targets while improving quality of life.

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