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Wow Of The Week

Fotografiska in Tallinn

Looking at the cozy and chic interior with fantastic rooftop views and the majestic concrete stair halls, it is hard to believe that a few years ago, this building, which is now Fotografiska, was empty and derelict. Fotografiska is not a traditional museum. It is a place where culture, sustainability, food and design come together to build a community. A lively and inspiring place with so much to discover in every room. A new feeling that you cannot experience every day. How does the Co-Founder tell the story of Fotografiska? Welcome to Margit Aasmae’s Wow Of the Week. 

In this episode it becomes obvious how the international photo museum Fotografiska uses the power of world-class photography to unite, spread awareness and create a positive impact on society. An abandoned building brought back to the light: Fotografiska has become one of the most popular destinations in Tallinn. Located in the heart of the creative center Telliskivi, the museum is a meeting place for art-lovers, good food, music, and design. The area around is alive, breathing creativity, brought together by the concept of Fotografiska.

However, art is not only found in photographs: Chef Peter Pihel brings the concept of “sustainable pleasure” to life with quality dining and a zero-waste policy. Just like at their Stockholm outpost, Fotografiska has a restaurant that is following a clear philosophy. Awarded a Michelin Green Star, the Chef serves a little artwork with every plate.

Discover this inspirational way of combining sustainability, architecture and culture, and building a community of creatives, in this Wow Of the Week from Tallinn.

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