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Wow Of The Week

Manshausen in Norway

Isolated from the outside world, where mountains meet the sea, you can find an unexpected piece of architecture above the arctic circle, reminiscent of a combination of a spaceship and a boat. This is Borge Ousland’s Wow Of The Week: Although minimalistic in design, the cabins at Manshausen island, located in Norway just across the fjord from Lofoten, allow for extraordinary luxury.  

After seeing the Norwegian island of Manshausen for the first time, Borge Ousland was impressed by its beauty. “A piece of rock” in the middle of the sea. Amazed by the pristine landscape, Ousland decided to make something unique out of it. Starting without previous experience in the hotel industry, he put his ideas into reality and designed Manshausen from scratch. Every little detail has a purpose. Functionality and simplicity are key elements. The wooden tones in every room as well as the extraordinary close connection to the natural surrounding bring coziness and warmth into the compact sea cabins. Without any distractions, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, it is so easy to reconnect with nature. The perfect time-out from everyday life.  

Take a glimpse at how architecture, design and nature play together, where the soothing sounds of lightly splashing ice-cold water and a snow-covered landscape envelop the unique resort which is a haven of coziness. 

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