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A Drop of Estonia

Urban regeneration through sustainable architecture and design

In this episode of our new short film series “A Drop of…” we take you to Estonia, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Here, this ever-evolving country is bringing together nature, culture, and innovation in impressive ways.

Nordic atmosphere meets remnants from the past. During winter, you can see the snow melting into deep, crystal-clear, ice-cold water and watch how city streets and construction cranes become covered with a white blanket of snow. Layers of gray clouds add to the tranquility of small villages and enhance the industrial atmosphere of the cities. The image is of climate merging with one’s surroundings to create a mystical place. A warm hat or a puffy winter jacket here and there add a pop of color to the scenery.

Alessandro Preda, a renowned architect, and member of the American Institute of Architecture, seeks to understand how architecture influences our lives and how it varies from place to place. Starting out in New York City, his path has now brought him to Estonia where he takes a glimpse into the hidden architectural treasures of the city. 

His first stop is Tallinn – the capital of Estonia. How do architecture and design contribute to urban regeneration in Estonia and what does it look like? Visionaries like Ann Virkus are a part of the positive change. She has transformed a former shipyard into a modern public space called Noblessner, maintaining the historical sustainability of the city. Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam show how the role of architects is changing in Tallinn and how their personal impact contributes to its reinvention. Can old buildings help the regeneration of a city? The famous museum Fotografiska by Maarja Loorents in Tallinn is a perfect example of that. She has shown us how innovation, sustainability, culture, design, and historical architecture can work together. 

Join Alessandro and take a look at how architects contribute to positive modern development while maintaining the country’s tradition and history.

Alessandro Preda
Alessandro Preda

Alessandro Preda

Founder of alepreda architecture & miduny

Alessandro Preda is an Italian-born architect and furniture maker based in Brooklyn. 

Ale holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard University and a Degree in Economics from Bocconi University. His research focuses on digital fabrication, craft, and construction methodologies. 

He is the founder of alepreda architecture, a design studio with offices in Brooklyn and Brescia (IT). The studio’s work has been featured internationally on Elle Decor, Dwell, AD, and current projects are under construction in the USA, Italy, and the Czech Republic. His award-winning furniture line is commercialized under the moniker miduny.