GROHE Professional

The new sub-brand GROHE Professional has been conceived as an answer to nowadays needs of the experts of the sanitary ware world: wholesalers, installers, showrooms and project developers are at the heart of GROHE’s efforts and require the latest state-of-the-art professional solutions when creating a new bathroom or kitchen to their end-consumers. 

The new sub-brand GROHE Professional is especially dedicated to them and addressing nowaday´s needs of sanitary experts worldwide. What are the advantages of GROHE Professional?


The new sub-brand GROHE Professional

Consumer-centricity is the core of everything we do. With our new sub-brand, we’re enabling our GROHE Professional partners to create outstanding experiences in bathroom and kitchen thanks to a tailored service and product proposition. Discover how GROHE is paving the way for a new customer journey with this video and additional chapters that will be disclosed soon.

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We are constantly rethinking our processes with a focus on how we can help you as installers. With GROHE+, the new Certified Installer Program, we have created a perfectly fitting solution that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Professional inspiration on GROHE X


How To ...

… is our learning and educational format. It provides you with both professional and practical information on how to install the newest products and constantly expand your skills.

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