It’s a family affair


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Eurosmart is a versatile all-rounder for every generation and lifestyle

In our homes, we strive to create an environment that meets our needs and those of our loved ones. Ideally, we choose products that provide convenience and comfort for our everyday lives. With the relaunch of the bestseller Eurosmart kitchen and bathroom faucet range, GROHE offers a modernized, versatile companion that perfectly meets the needs of all generations.
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What is your living situation like? With a multitude of modern living concepts ranging from multigenerational homes to care facilities and family homes, an adaptable all-rounder is needed.

From young to old – our needs are constantly changing, and at every stage of life we should look for the best solution. The beloved GROHE Eurosmart kitchen and bathroom faucet line has been around for a long time. The new generation offers even more comfort, a modern design, and ultimate simplicity, plus that extra bit of convenience.

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The bathroom is our most important retreat and essential for daily care routines. It is a space where personal needs take center stage. Our needs can vary greatly at every age. The Eurosmart range for kitchens and bathrooms comprises variants perfectly suited to any needs, making it a supportive partner your whole family will love and cherish.
Eurosmart Bath & Care
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Who doesn’t like a little extra support? Adapted lever variants are great helpers.
Take older people, for example: The Eurosmart loop lever faucet variants for kitchens and bathrooms offer a more secure grip and enable independence and a more secure feeling when handling everyday tasks.

Due to a number of health and safety benefits, older people – as well as their grandchildren – benefit from the added safety and convenience features.
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From young to old, from children to grandparents – with the most versatile product range ever, Grohe Eurosmart fits every bathroom and kitchen concept and cares for every generation. Just choose the perfect match for your needs.

Simplify your life with a complete bathroom concept

Comprising wash basins, shower, bath, and bidet solutions, Eurosmart offers the full range of what is needed in the bathroom. A multitude of sleek design and matching product options such as Euro Ceramics ensure that you can easily find your individually tailored match in form and function. What more is needed?

The perfect companion for life’s central gathering place

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The kitchen is a central and lively meeting place for friends and family. Therefore, its core element, the kitchen faucet, needs to serve a multitude of functions.

The modernized, budget-friendly, and high-quality GROHE Eurosmart kitchen faucet is a smart helper for all daily kitchen tasks. Various design options and great functionality make the kitchen faucet a centerpiece of any kitchen.

GROHE Eurosmart enables users to keep things simple in the kitchen – from preparing school lunches to family dinners.

Eurosmart Kitchen

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Everybody’s darling is constantly evolving

A true all-time favorite! Thanks to its versatility, Eurosmart for kitchens and bathrooms has become a bestseller since its launch in 1999. With every new design development, GROHE has adapted the line to changing consumer needs. The result: The new portfolio of the fourth generation is as versatile as ever.
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At GROHE, the consumer is always at the center of all innovations, whether designing products to make life easier in the kitchen or more comfortable in the bathroom. To keep Eurosmart for kitchens and bathrooms evolving with every generation, GROHE always keeps consumers’ needs in mind – in design and in function.

Accomplishing ultimate innovation through reinvention!
Eurosmart History
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