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Loyal customer relations – Service as a sustainable business model

The most important person in any business is the customer. If your regular customers start to desert you then your business is in big trouble. So it follows that encouraging feelings of loyalty towards your company on the part of your customers has to be a priority. However for a manufacturing business like GROHE the concept of the customer itself is split. We have our end users, for whose satisfaction our products are created. But we have to admit that most home owners, or facilities managers or hoteliers, do not spend a lot of time studying trade catalogues for the best plumbing products. They contract that work out to their installers. And this is the community we have to hug close if we want them to recommend our products to their clients. 

In her presentation Doreen Radis will address the challenges faced by installers and outline some of the ways we as a brand are trying to make their lives easier. In a world of increasing competition, therefore increasingly complex product information, this GROHE X platform is an incredibly useful tool for spreading accurate, detailed and timely information, as well as hosting easy-to-follow training videos on a wide range of products. As supply chains come under strain, our GROHE+ loyalty program ensures the installer has a contact at GROHE who will always respond. And in a global skills shortage that is affecting skilled trades everywhere, our GIVE education and training program is reaching out to technical students around the world and creating the next generation of skilled installers. 

These are just some of the ways in which we are showing the installer community that we understand and care about their positions, and that we value their loyalty.        

Experts on stage

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Doreen Radis

Leader, CRM & Loyalty, LIXIL EMENA

Doreen has been leading the CRM & Loyalty team in the Marketing department since January 2020. In her position, she is responsible for the new certified installer program. She is also the lead in establishing a new long-term CRM-system for the GROHE brand. Previously she gained 20 years of experience in different areas. In her last position as Head of CRM she created loyalty programs for different companies in the FMCG sector. Before that, she was in charge of the franchise channel of a telecommunication brand.