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Wow Of The Week

Prinz Rudolf Smart Hotel Spa

Our Wow of the Week has been chosen by Lucia Garutti, Trade Marketeer and PR Manager for GROHE Italy. The Prinz Rudolf Smart Hotel Spa is located in Merano, Italy, a spa town with a long history of offering its healing spring waters to hopeful travellers. The hotel tells the story of that period when the town welcomed well-heeled visitors, including its inspiration Prinz Rudolf of Austro-Hungary, from all over Europe. But there is also a more modern story to be told of wellness sought and found in harmony with nature. 

The hotel’s creator, architect and designer Manuel Gschnell of Dear Studios, wants guests to really feel the beautiful natural surroundings, to be struck by the peace and quiet, and to notice the contrast in the location between mountain freshness and Mediterranean warmth. With its subtle, sinuous lines, and sensitive use of local materials, the structure could easily be lost in the surrounding landscape. Manuel wants guests to lose themselves – just as Prinz Rudolf did on one of his jaunts here.  

Manuel also wants guests to feel they are being treated like royalty. The interiors have an opulent, aristocratic feel, with their rich fabrics in deep colours, and a sense of fun and play. Leisure and enjoyment are no longer the preserve of the aristocracy; they are for everyone. This is especially true of the outdoor infinity pool, in which one can relax and take in the sweeping green valley, the majestic mountains and the idyllic town below. Watch the video to soak up the Prinz Rudolf’s special atmosphere.       

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