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Wow Of The Week

Innovation at LIXIL

This week’s WOW of the Week comes from LIXIL EMENA’s Leader Business Development and Innovation, Alexander Bühl, who has chosen to highlight his team’s Equine Lounge. As the name suggests, it’s a relaxing space where horses can get some much-needed care and attention, away from the stresses of their daily lives. And if it sounds out of leftfield, that is exactly the point. As Alexander explains, his job is to think outside of the normal categories to innovate products that really give people goosebumps. When the equestrian world saw the Equine Lounge for the first time, with its facilities for grooming and caring for these beautiful animals, even managing infections using UV lights, they knew they wanted it. Only by careful observation and maintaining an attitude of curiosity and humility, do Alexander and his team produce these WOW moments.

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