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A Drop of Norway

Nature and architecture in perfect harmony

The first episode of our new short film series “A Drop of…” takes us to Norway, located in Northern Europe. The stunning Nordic country comprises the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Huge forests stretch outside of Oslo, the Norwegian capital. During winter the fog immerses the countryside into a mystical haze. Mountains and glaciers are covered with white snow. The rough, dark sea in winter opposes the extraordinary and colorful polar lights. Norway is a country full of dramatic scenery to discover. Being surrounded by the purest nature – this is where creativeness in Norway has its roots.

Alessandro Preda, a renowned architect and member of the American Institute of Architecture, is on a special mission: Starting from New York City, he seeks to understand how architecture influences our lives and how it changes from place to place. His first trip takes him to Oslo. This is where he meets Murad Khan, an interior architect at monn who explains the importance of Norway’s extensive forests, where calmness becomes inspiration. Where he and his fellow colleagues derive ideas to create tomorrows design.

But why does nature play such an important role in Norway’s culture and its people’s lives? How do creatives find their inspiration for creating an appealing tomorrow? And even if it appears to be contradictory, how do urban and natural influences align to become an outstanding piece of design? 

To dive deeper and discover the roots of creativeness in this Nordic country, Alessandro travels on to Manhausen, a magical island in the outer extremes up in the arctic circle. The architect Snorre Stinessen chose this magical place, surrounded by ice-cold ocean water, to create something very special. A dramatic scenery outside marked by coldness meets warm and cosy material and design elements inside – showing how nature and architecture can collaborate in perfection. 

But have a look yourself! Be Alessandro’s guest and discover Norway through his encounters with Norwegian architects that are striving for a creative and inspiring design for tomorrow.

Welcome to a country where nature, culture and architecture are in perfect harmony!

Alessandro Preda
Alessandro Preda

Alessandro Preda

Founder of alepreda architecture & miduny

Alessandro Preda is an Italian-born architect and furniture maker based in Brooklyn. 

Ale holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard University and a Degree in Economics from Bocconi University. His research focuses on digital fabrication, craft, and construction methodologies. 

He is the founder of alepreda architecture, a design studio with offices in Brooklyn and Brescia (IT). The studio’s work has been featured internationally on Elle Decor, Dwell, AD, and current projects are under construction in the USA, Italy, and the Czech Republic. His award-winning furniture line is commercialized under the moniker miduny.