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The best of GROHE X in 2022

What a year it’s been at GROHE X! Our digital hybrid platform has really come into its own this past year, to become a truly unique, interactive space presenting the best of business in all its diversity to the world. These are challenging times – but also full of inspiration and ideas that will inform the way forward for our industry, and for our partners in the architecture and design community. The interaction we’ve seen in this digital space allows the fertilisation of all that knowledge and experience. We’re delighted to have been at the heart of it. 

The genius of GROHE X is the successful marriage of the virtual and physical worlds. We have been able to get out and meet all of you, through our GROHE X Motion Trucks taking the GROHE brand to local fairs and exhibitions, or our GIVE Truck taking our successful training program on tour. We’ve met the most exciting thinkers in their own backyards, from Anatolia to the wilds of Norway, and shared the results here. And we’ve welcomed you to our GROHE X Brand and Experience Centre in Hemer, to show the world what we’re all about.  

Of course, marrying the virtual and the physical – making what can be imagined real – is the essence of great design. And we’ve been able to show that thanks to the contributions of brilliant architects, designers, engineers, and business leaders. In no area is the sharing of ideas more important than in the pursuit of sustainability. Highlighting the projects that will allow our planet to thrive has felt like vital work this year, and it will continue to be at the core of our activities. We look forward to seeing you, here and in person, at our GROHE X 2023 summit and throughout the new year. Enjoy our highlights of 2022! 

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