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GROHE X: Take the plunge into the world of GROHE

Our Wow Of The Week is the reason that this format has a platform in the first place. Alex Zucconelli-Serban, Leader Marketing Communication LIXIL EMENA, is excited about our new launch: GROHE X – our innovative and interactive multimedia and experience platform. 


Take the plunge into the world of GROHE: GROHE X offers our customers and stakeholders the opportunity to receive all relevant information about GROHE from a single source. The platform provides target group-specific content, for example, for journalists, architects and designers, installers, wholesalers, and consumers. Each user receives precisely the information that is of interest to them via their personalised profile.  

GROHE X offers numerous formats to provide its users with inspiring content. For example, hearing about the newest trends in the industry or learning how to install our products. The platform is easy and intuitive to use and is a portal to a world full of valuable information. A highlight is our broadcasting area which, amongst other content, offers exciting keynote presentations. What are our newest products? What trends are motivating the consumers of tomorrow? GROHE X has the answers to these questions - and much, much more.

The field of communication is currently undergoing massive changes. With GROHE X, we are helping to bring people together again and to support interaction. We offer a wide variety of communication options with our dialogue tools, including one-on-one conversations, conversations in groups as well as training sessions. The focus is placed on personal exchange, as we seek to accompany our users every step of the way.

Our journey with GROHE X is certainly far from over. To the contrary: it is just beginning. Over the course of the coming months, we will learn, together with our consumers, how to create new and inspiring content as well as to further develop GROHE X. GROHE X is dedicated to inspiring and relevant content as well as personal exchange. Become a part of our future. It is beginning right now.

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