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Eva Servatius — Future Living

Shape the future with GROHE

Concepts for bathroom fixtures demonstrate how our society is in a constant state of change. By integrating the newest technologies, we develop products for the future at GROHE. Eva Servatius, the leader of market research, presents our WOW of the week: GROHE products for a self-determined future in old age.  

Current studies show that every second EU citizen has already passed the age of 40. The so-called silver agers thus make up half of our society and, with their increasing life expectancy, play an increasingly important role as a target group. Most people desire to be able to conduct their everyday lives independently within their own four walls until old age. To ensure this, it is important to make sure that the fixtures have the corresponding features. 

Bathroom products are so innately integrated in our lives that we quickly forget that our needs in using them change as we age. Physical limitations make everyday objects more difficult to use and activities that we undertake unconsciously each day suddenly become a burden. It is thus high time that we correspondingly design the space in which we live in accordance with our future wishes. 

At GROHE, we have recognised the growing significance of the silver agers and ensure with our products that their living spaces ideally meet their needs, today as well as tomorrow. In doing so, we put ourselves specifically in the positions of our consumers: We test our products for everyday suitability using an age simulation suit that simulates the circumstances of an aging body. In doing so, we can see which benefits our bathroom products already offer for people in old age and where we need to continue to further develop our products.

For example, one effective solution is already offered by our unique technology GROHE SilkMove which ensures that the levers and buttons can continue to be moved easily, even after years of use. In addition, extended levers make it easier to reach fixtures and high-contrast icons on products can still be seen even with weakened vision. In doing so, the products do not transform into constructs clearly intended for the elderly; instead, they retain the modern and innovative GROHE design. 

Making specific arrangements allows autonomy in old age. At GROHE, we seek to shape the future together with our consumers so that they can lead an independent and satisfying life in their own homes in the coming decades as well. 

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