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Michi Setter and Marc Topilsky – Israel, home to a burgeoning architecture and design culture

Jerusalem is known throughout the world as a cradle of history and civilisation. But it is also a food and wine destination par excellence, and home to a burgeoning architecture and design culture. So we were delighted as part of our GROHE Journey series to invite key players in Israeli A&D to the luxurious Cramim Spa and Wine Hotel in the beautiful vine-clad hills on the outskirts of the city, for a taste of the local hospitality and a chance to mix and share ideas. 

The Middle East and North Africa region is extremely important to GROHE. It’s a young, diverse region with growing economies and a long history of tackling the challenges of geography and climate with imagination and collective energy. The assembled architects and designers represent firms from all over Israel covering all aspects of development: private houses, high-tech facilities, hotels and commercial spaces, educational institutions and more. But they all share with GROHE a commitment to sustainability through the conscious use of resources, and a belief that through collaboration and inclusive thinking we can overcome the challenges of a heating planet and water stress, to build a successful future together. 

Touring the local vineyards and farms, and sampling the produce in the excellent restaurants, we and our guests were reminded that ingenuity in managing resources has a long and illustrious history here. Relaxing in the cool of the evening over a glass of wine from these ancient vines, we salute the skill required to raise crops from these sun-baked slopes, and to create airy, comfortable spaces in which to enjoy the results. Watch the full video for an unexpected taste of Jerusalem.   

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