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Daniel Hasson & Iftah Hayner – Opening new markets in Israel

To mark the start of the GROHE Journey in Israel we brought the country’s architecture and design community together at the Cramim Spa and Wine Hotel in the outskirts of Jerusalem. On one level the event was about having fun and introducing ourselves as a brand to a new market. But it was also a chance for us to get a feel for the direction of travel our new partners want to take, and to find out what sparks their imaginations and drives their practices.


It should come as no surprise that in a small country like Israel there is a huge emphasis on collaboration. Business is always personal, and everyone – architect, designer, contractor, consultant, supplier, client – is considered a partner or potential partner. With every enterprise relying on a blend of ideas and skills, it means that no one is simply along for the ride. Every detail of every project has to add value to the whole. And everyone involved has to bring something new to the party. In a growing market that’s part of the young and vibrant MENA region, there is palpable enthusiasm for the fresh ideas and open-minded attitudes which will take projects forward.


So it was extremely pleasing to get such a great response from our honoured guests to this important event. As two key players in Israeli A&D, interior designer Daniel Hasson and architect Iftah Hayner are well placed to understand their country’s unique blend of warmth and energy. They know the demands and expectations that any new entrants to the market will have to rise to. But they also know the rewards, professional and personal, that await those who meet the challenge. It was our pleasure to meet them and all their colleagues, and we look forward to a long collaboration.

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