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Michal Han & Orly Dekter – The idea of community

Continuing our GROHE Journey in Israel, we focus on two of our esteemed guests from the special networking event at the Cramim Spa and Wine Hotel in the outskirts of Jerusalem. GROHE’s Project Executive Israel Sofi Sadnev chats to Michal Han, owner of Michal Han Studio, and Orly Dekter, owner of DO Studio, to get their impressions of the get-together and of the Israeli A&D world’s working culture more generally.

When setting out to do business in a new place, we at GROHE understand how important it is to fit in with local ways of doing things. Like the rest of the MENA region, Israel is a young, energetic country that is at the same time proud of its history and traditions. Bringing together 50 or so prospective partners from the local architecture and design community, we realised we would have to show some appreciation of what is close to their hearts, while creating an event that was intimate enough for everyone to have some time with every other participant. The setting in the beautiful hills on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the wonderful local cuisine and wine, and the joyously received entertainment from popular Israeli musicians, combined perfectly to allow our guests to really let their hair down!

We’re delighted that for Michal and Orly, our offering struck the right notes. The warmth that they express towards their industry colleagues and to the idea of community itself gives us a lot of optimism for our Israel adventure and for the future of our wider MENA operations. We’ve had an amazing welcome here, so please enjoy the conversation and an insight into how an old culture embraces the modern world of business.

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