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A GROHE journey in Cappadocia, Turkey – Part 3

Making friends and lasting memories in high places

Get ready for the thrilling conclusion of our three-part series as we introduce you to the dynamic and talented Baris Dogan. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of Turkish architecture and design and explore the captivating wonders of Cappadocia. Baris has been Projects Channel Leader for LIXIL in Turkey since 2014 and represents the GROHE brand to the country’s A&D community. He’s there to ensure that the A&D professionals want to use GROHE products in their projects. It’s a massively important role at a vital moment in the architectural story of Turkey and MENA more generally.  


Forging relationships in Cappadocia

Baris believes in forging relationships with key stakeholders and industry partners, as a first condition to getting them excited about the GROHE brand and the possibilities our products offer. So he was exactly the right person to guide our guests on this trip to Cappadocia. Events like this gathering are fun, and the benefits of associating GROHE with this vibrant, visually arresting place are real and valuable. Architects and designers thrive on creativity and imagination, and we want to show them that we get it too. And what could be a better way than to let all four senses enjoy what this beautiful region has to offer, on the ground as well as above it on a hot air balloon ride above Cappadocia.

Baris wants to see the GROHE signature adorn big, inspirational architectural projects – something Turkey and the surrounding region seems to specialise in these days. One of the leading studios in this movement is Arketipo Design, and in the video, we watch Baris talk to the founding partner Esin Sözer about the iconic buildings they’ve conceived. 

Esin and Arketipo have been responsible for some monumental developments recently, but the inspiration is always the drive to make life more liveable for the building’s users. This philosophy of life leading design, not the other way around, is also GROHE’s approach. On such shared values are lasting friendships built.    

Watch the video above to discover all the interesting insights Baris and Esin discuss, and to experience what it was like for our guests to finally get together in Cappadocia after the pandemic. 

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