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Exclusive and exciting events with our partners and clients in Turkey

Cappadocia is one of the most stunning parts of the beautiful Turkey. With rock formations that look like fairy chimneys and dwellings carved into the ancient landscape, it has the feel of a timeless oasis. 

So it was the perfect spot for GROHE to invite Turkey’s architecture and design community, and our industry partners there, to experience the pure joy of water while soaking up the rich local culture. On an overnight trip from Istanbul, staying at the spectacular Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel, our guests were treated to traditional Turkish food, music and dance, as well as a pre-dawn balloon ride to take in the sunrise, among other memorable activities. 

The event shows GROHE’s commitment to Turkey as a young, vibrant society, as well as an important market, and to the MENA region as a whole. Watch the video to learn more about our relationship to this wonderful place, and to enjoy the memories that we made there.

GROHE Journey Cappadocia
GROHE Journey Cappadocia

Eda Çıdamal Erdoğmuş

Key Account Manager - A&D, Turkey & Azerbaijan, LIXIL MENA

As Key Account Manager Architecture & Design for Turkey & Azerbaijan, Eda has over 12 years’ experience in various B2B sales and marketing roles in construction industry. Eda loves working on the value-based projects by matchmaking for outstanding purpose-driven such as art collaborations and CSR concepts. She also believes that GROHE X is a great platform by putting customer-centricity at the heart to deliver tailored content to professionals and she hosts the first episode of GROHE Journey – Cappadocia Edition which took our relationship with the top A&D in Turkey to another level!